About Me

Creative developer and interactive director located in Barcelona.

Focused on interface development, technical innovation, and UX.
I love great interfaces, creative installations, playful interactions and mobile games.
Passionate about development.
I like experimenting with new technologies and finding new ways of interaction.
I’m interested in making the best experience for the end user.

Working since 2001, I’ve developed websites, installations, mobile applications, small games, interactive online experiences, advertisement campaigns, social media integration and, in the past, educational kids games, RIA’s and CMS.

I’m specialised in HTML5/Javascript/CSS3.
The last years I have had the opportunity to make some cool projects with Unity.
I’m used to work with creative technologies such as openFrameworks.
In the past, I used to develop in Actionscript.
I also have knowledge of iOS, Android, and C++.
I like to play with devices such as Kinect, Arduino, LeapMotion, among others.

Currently I’m available for freelance work.