Más Que Fans

International campaign for Movistar -Spain and South America- with the goal of viralizing different types of content promoting a song from a spanish band, Kostrok.
During the campaign, the users accumulate points sharing contents, playing games and creating personalised content.

Fully responsive website. It contains a user dashboard, share functionalities, rankings, minigames, quizzes and personalised content.
The development is based on Ember.js and Ruby on Rails using the MVC pattern, observers, adapters, etc… There are also some mini-games, developed by me, using Canvas on HTML5.
The development team was distributed between Barcelona and Budapest, and the development has lasted for more than 4 months. For this reason we have been very careful with the code quality, making an extensive use of github with branches, pull-requests and constant code reviews.

Landing Page

Users Dashboard

The games

Minigames developed with HTML5 Canvas. Watch videos below:

Hero Game

A Guitar Hero inspired game using HTML5 Canvas

Videoclic Game

Small game with the goal of finding words in the video.


Automatic updates using Ember.js features

How it works section

Responsive grid connected by dynamic lines.

The band section

Getting data from social networks

Global data section

Responsive behaviour