My Time is Now

Real-time visualization and monitoring of social media content, capturing the conversations related to the Nike’s sponsored spanish football players that participated in the 2012 European Championship.

We developed a service that tracked in real-time the social networks looking for content related to the players, measuring their impact on the internet and tracking all changes that occurred, specially during the match.

On the site the users could see the real-time conversations integrated on the players images and navigate through them. Also they could leave a message for each one of them. Besides that, the initial proposal was to install a digital screen on Madrid’s central square, La Plaza del Sol, with an attractive visualisation of the conversations and the most popular player of the moment. Since the local authorities didn’t permit the installation of a digital screen, the results were displayed in a static billboard showing everyday the most popular player and the fans messages.

Bronze - Social Media IAB Inspirational, 2012 Bronze - Innovation / Outdoor advertising El Sol, 2012