La Selva

Inmersive site that takes the user into a surreal and dreamlike universe.
The users participate in a competition to win an attractive trip.
The goal was to make this competition powerful on its visuals and playful on its interactions.

The site takes the user in a journey through different dreamlike scenarios where he/she could find symmetric scenarios, different interactions with plants, and movement through the scenarios playing with ropes or interacting with the microphone.

The Cacique brand had been making powerful interactive experiences during the previous years influenced by the B/W comic world. One of the goals of this new season was to become fully colourful. For that reason, it was necessary to apply a bunch of optimisations to make the site run smoothly, both on loading strategies and performance techniques, especially bitmap caching.

Shortlist - Cyberlions. Cannes, 2010 Bronze - Interactive Media. Websites. CdeC, 2010 Shortlist - Websites. El Sol, 2010 Shortlist - Campaigns. El Sol, 2010